Present Fukushima

Fukushima Study Camp 2018

1st day

【Story of Shelter Managemant】

Arriving at Fukushima, we listened to lecture of evacuation from Mr. Amano Kazuhiko, professor of Fukushima University.

In March, 2011, it snowed in Fukushima and was strict cold. In addition, infection is spread at the shelter and some people were endangered in lives. The shelter aisles were filled with lots of evacuees. So, Children and elderly people hadl large burdens.

Reference:The situation of shelters at 3.11 , Solutions to the dificulities that refugees face

After listening to situation at evacuation of East Japan Great Earthquake, professor Mr.Amano tell us what is important for shelter management.

According to his telling, A mission of shelter is to protect our lives. In other words, it is crucial to prevent "earthquake-related death".

For that, view of “communication and self government” is significant.
A coffee shop was installed or evacuees’ association was established to expand the circle of human’s communication.

We played shelter management simulation game [Suske-nable(Japanese pages)] based on illustration after lecture. We felt that it is important to not only preparing manual but also a community which is born there soon in case of emergency.

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