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Fukushima Study Camp 2018

2nd day

【Visited Comyutan Fukushima】

First, we visited Fukushima Environmental Creating Center “Comyutan Fukushima”(Japanese pages).

We can know about situation of nuclear power plant accident at that time in detail there. We learned why the accident happened and why radioactivities are dangerous deeply.

Compared to last year, decontamination is progressing. It was finished except area near the nuclear power plants. Working for reconstruction is doing steady now.

However, about 44,000 refugees were forced living away from home. It is a sad fact.

(↑The picture of Comyutan Fukushima)
【Importance of ~Dialogue of honest intention~】

Second, we listened to lecture of representative who works for reconstruction to built local community of Katsurao Villageagain.

The most impressing words is“We cannot see really crucial things. And, it is most important to make a conversation of honest intention not chat.” Storongth of local community of Katsurao Villeage is based on “Dialogue of honest intention.

(↑Local cuisine in Fukushima at lunch)
【Not determining breaking furnaces】

Third, we visited Tokyo Electric Power Company hOlding,”TEPCO”. We listened to lecture of situation of reactor and policy to break furnaces. When visiting here last year, policy to break furnaces is not decided. But, it is not decided yet this year. Incidentally, according to telling by a staff of Comyutan Fukushima, it takes 30 years or 40 years to break furnaces. We felt hurting our heart, thinking about evacuees who cannot return home for this problem.

【Interaction with high school student of Fukushima】

Finally of second day, We visited Futaba Future High School in Hirono Town. This school was opened up for education revival of disaster area in Fukushima in 2015. The high school student tell the situation at that time of the East Japan Great earthquake after interacting through games. By listening from the same generation, we felt pain of hearts that is different so far. Still more, considering they are elementary school student at that time.

We do 2day summary workshop after dinner. It was good time to organize our thoughts.

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