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Fukushima Study Camp 2018

3rd day

【Lives saved by the choice not evacuating】
Hirono Town.

Takano Hospital was built 22km from the First Fukushima nuclear power plants. Additionally, there is only this hospital in Hirono Town. At that time of happening the East Japan Greate earthquake, because evacuation instruction was taken out by 20km from the First Fukushima nuclear power plants, they pressed for the last choice of whether they evacuated or not.While a lot of residents evacuated by infuluence of a nuclear power plant accident,considerting patient’s burden and Takano Hospital staffs decide not to evacuate.

We learned difficulity of the situation of being no water and not reaching tools, and importance of the relationships of patients and hospital staffs.

【Coast of Fukushima Local Landscape】

On the way to go a next place, We passed near the area of difficult to return home. The state that they suffered damage 7and a half years ago were left there. Also, the collapse building was in the same state as last year.

(↑Display of difficult-to-return areas)
(↑Collapsed building)

However, the number of times seeing the flexible container bag to pack the soil containing radioactive substances decreased. We felt that work for taking back original landscape was progressing steadly and slowly.

(↑Flexible container bags.)
【Floral Agriculture for reconstruction】

Next, We listened to lecture of a human who carries on floral agriculture inNamie Town.

He grows flower,”Eustoma” to work for reconstruction of local industry. There are facilities which elderly people work easily because almost those who come back home are the old.

(↑A working house devised so that elderly people can work while sitting.)
【Serious damage of Tsunami】

Ukedo strict of Namie Town is damaged area by tsunami. We visited tsunami disaster area. We did not visit this area.

We were shocked to be left fence which curved, collapse brick, and road that slipped by tsunami. We cannot forget the landscape.

We were hurt by landscape of being left disaster situation even now.

(↑Concrete wall crumbled by tsunami)
(↑School fence bent by the tsunami)
(↑A road greatly displaced by the tsunami)
【Summary of this camp】

Summary workshop is held after arriving in Fukushima city.

The time is good for us to conclude our opinion.

In addition, after that time, the Fukushima City High School Student Festival was planned, and we are going to participate in the event, so it was a good time for prepare for that.

【Interaction with high school students Fukushima】

Finally of this camp, we joined a talk show of the Fukushima City High School Student Festival in 2018 in Machinaka Plaza in Fukushima city.

Here, additionally high school students of Fukushima, there were students of Sapporo Shinyo High school in Hokkaido. Acting of many high school student inspired us.

The main theme of this study camp is “Think merits and demerits that high school students join local community development”.

At the talk show on the final day, we were talking with this theme. By joining local community development, some demerits occur for high school students. For instance,
[cutting time of study or club activity],
[need financial support of adults],
and [cannot taking responsibility]

On the other hand, there are some merits such like
[the influence of high school students],
[the liveliness of the local area],
and [the young generation can succeed the traditional culture of the town]

Acutually, in Katsurao Village we visited second day, college students are taught local dishes by the old who live in the Village. Also, some high school students who visited Katsurao Village made a pamphlet promoting Katsurao Village. We felt that the local area was fine by young people’s encouragement.

Fukushima City High School Student Festival is an event planned by high school students. There were a lot of smile of persons, and we had a nice encounter.

In Fukushima, a lot of human beings are working for reconstruction including people’s hearts. However, the serious fact that there are those who cannot return to own home yet, and that many people lost their family by this disaster cannot be changed. We hope that various lessons from East Japan Great earthquake disaster especially Fukushima will be conveyed to many people, and those who know the lessons will make efforts to prevent the same damage of disaster.

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