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Solutions to the difficulties that refugees face

Keys to solving the many problems at the shelters were [communication and self-government]. This gave rise to the birth of a community spirit that made life as a refugee better.

For example, a space for the exclusive use by women to change clothes was made because this was a serious issue for them and they felt fear in the presence of strangers. In that space, women could strengthen their sense of community and alleviate their anxieties by talking with each other.

As for the problem of earthquake-related deaths, which was particularly acute at certain shelters, this was dealt with by providing settings in which people could communicate with each other, by such means as setting up cafes and providing services like foot baths.

(↑foot baths and massarge services in shelter)
offer:Fukushima University Amano Kazuhiko,professor

Allured by the pleasant-smelling aroma of coffee, some people went into the cafes. And elderly people sought comfort by going to get a foot bath. In this way, they were able to meet others, build new relationships with others, and relax.

This is how this problem was solved.

And to assist in the training of personnel to work at these facilities, a game named [Suske-nable ](a coined expression based on a word in the Fukushima dialect that means no problem and the English word sustainable) was created that simulates the various situations that shelter managers face.

Suske-nable HP

【By the way…】

According to Professor Amano, the circumstances at the shelters in 2011 were not all that different from 80 years previously.

Then, as in 2011, people had the same problem of having to rely on cardboard to make own private space.

It is very sad that, even in a country like Japan that frequently experiences disasters, nothing had changed very much.

It is expected that earthquakes in the Nankai Trough will continue to occur, and that someday Tokyo will be hit by a major quake, and that this could make many more people homeless than in 2011. Surely it is difficult to prepare for earthquakes because of the uncertainty, but to lessen the impact that they can have each of us should try to be better prepared. And it is important to have the courage to foster a community spirit and be open to cooperating with others.

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