Activity at the School Festival 

Create a game

Based on last year’s Fukushima learning tour and the report about The Great East Japan Earthquake which made in this summer, we wanted more people to know about the situation at that time when the earthquake happened so we made “simulation board game” and announced it at the school festival in this September.

○The purpose

・Experience the confusion of the time the earthquake happened and raise awareness of disaster.
・By reading the leaflet, know about the difference between the incoming information and the actual situation and the difficulty of a complex disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, and a nuclear power plant accident.

(↑the board game)

○The outline of the game

The rule of the game is here!

Cards to promote the game are here!

We put two houses, an elementary school, a junior high school, and a high school on the 3D map of the coast which based on the terrain of Fukushima and connected the movable point by line. If you move from point to point, it will be counted as one step. There are cards that show what happened every 10 minutes after The Great East Japan Earthquake and information that people could get at that time. They also tell how many steps we can move on.

We put the game on a place to exhibit the works and we didn’t assign a person for explanation so there not so many people played the game and few of survey responses. However, we were able to get some of opinions.

Though they are few, we considered about good points and bad points of the game.

○The Effect of this game

Based on these opinions, we will make improved version of the game that has a simpler rule and high reproducibility.

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