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we explore the way of solving issues of natural disasters which we cannot avoid by thinking future disaster prevention and reducing disaster.

The two of the team members went Fukushima in 2017, 2018 and, we saw real Fukushima. By telling you this experience, we are glad that you are interested in Fukushima.

By the way, when we visit Fukushima in 2017, there are a lot of flexible containers which contain radioactive material in Hama Dori in Fukushima. In addition, rate of returning “Namiemachi” is1.9% at that time. Thus, it is difficult to say restoring.

(↑flexible containers in Fukushima)

However, those who we met there think positively and work for reconstruction. Also, radiation dose of Fukushima except near the nuclear power plants does not differ comparing to Tokyo.

(↑radiation in Fukushima)

Because the foods of Fukushima pass strict radiation rules, it seemed that they are safe and fresh. They are delicious.

(↑curry and fruits we ate in Fukushima)

Even so to say, harmful rumors to Fukushima exist now. First of all, it is important to convey right knowledges of Fukushima, disappear harmful rumors, and make devices that many people have interest to Fukushima.

【Map of Fukushima】

If you click the picture, you can see details of Kenhoku and Sousou.

(↑Quote: HP of Fukushima Prefecture)

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