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In order to investigate high school students' awareness of earthquakes and nuclear power plants, we conducted a questionnaire survey on the paper on 222 first and second grade students at Ochanomizu University High School (Tokyo) and 40 people at Futaba Mirai Gakuen High School (Futaba Town, Fukushima Prefecture) . And we’ll show you the answer result and analysis about the regional differences of awareness of earthquake and nuclear power plants which can be considered from that.

【Questions about Earthquakes】

Immediately following a very strong earthquake, what is your primary concern? Please select an answer and explain the reason.(Choose one(count all who select more.))


Tokyo:Own safety(4)・The overflow of a river(3)・Fire(3)・According to the place(2)・The fall of something(2)・Landslide・Gas・Can I get away・Losing escape・Food・Internet・On my desk in school・Life at shelter

Fukushima:Intensity on the Japanese scale・Can I use smartphone・Whether we will have tomorrow’s class or not・Infrastructure


There was not much difference between Tokyo and Fukushima.

・Both of them had the most number of opinion "Your family’s safely"

・The number of "A tsunami" in Fukushima was little larger than that in Tokyo.

・Tokyo had a little larger "A building collapse" and "I can go home".

→Anywhere, family (including oneself) is the greatest support to live, and it seems to be recognized as a necessary and indispensable matter. This trend may be prominent because the target was a high school student who cannot make a living by oneself. Because Futaba Town of Fukushima Prefecture is close to the sea, it has a large number of "A tsunami". Tokyo has a lot of buildings and more students going to their school using trains from afar, so "A building collapse" and "Can you go home" were considered a lot. Moreover, we guess for this to be affect by the Tsunami that occurred in the Tohoku area when the Great East Japan Earthquake, the difficulty of returning home in Tokyo, and each disaster education based on them.

Do you have any preparations for dealing with a disaster such as a major earthquake?



・There were many people who are no preparation for dealing.

・The rate of people who prepare in Fukushima was lower.

・The rate of people who prepare in Tokyo was higher.

→It made us surprised that Fukushima who suffered greater damage because of the Great East Japan Earthquake less prepare for disaster than Tokyo. However, the cause was probably the fact that the sample in Tokyo was a Ochanomizu University High School, whose student had been educated for disaster prevention in SGH (Super Global High school) classes, social studies, and various other scenes, and the scale of the questionnaire was small . Also, in Tokyo, the fear for the unknown earthquake is bigger, and the supplies in our hand are limited. Overall, the fact that there are a lot of people who don’t prepare is regarded as a lack of consciousness of sense of crisis and disaster as "one’s own", which is a problem to be strengthened.

If you answer “Yes” to Q2, what are your preparations? Please select all that apply.(Multiple answers allowed)


Tokyo:Fixing furniture which have probability of falling down to(7)・Emergency provisions(3)・Stock of water(3)・Prop・Film to prevent scatter of glass・Having a little much money all the time・Stock not only of food but also daily necessities such as sanitary items・Arrangement of furniture not to block path・Putting indoor shoes at bedside・Flashlight,Match,Candle・Shelter・Having whistle written personal information・Building up strength

Fukushima:Keep flashlight at the entrance・Fixing furniture to・Evacuation guidance relative and neighbors


・There was little "Checking a map that shows hazard information" as a whole.

・There were more "Discussing with your family what to do in a disaster" in Fukushima.

・There were more "Preparing a survival kit " in Tokyo.

→People prepare personally and at home, but are not very interested in information sent from local governments. In Tokyo, communication with family seems to be rarefied, mainly with material preparation. The opposite trend can be seen in Fukushima. We think that it is necessary to combine various measures.

【Questions about Nuclear Power Generation】

What comes to mind when you think of a nuclear power plant? Please select all that apply.(Multiple answers allowed)

Tokyo:Having no impression(2)・Fukushima(2)・Efficient(2)・Power of making electricity is strong・Mass power generation・Where to set・Difficult to remove・France・Nuclear accident is dangerous. It is needed steady measure

Fukushima:I don’t know・Having no impression


There is no decisive difference between Tokyo and Fukushima.

→Bad impressions like "Produces radioactive substance" and "A danger to the surrounding area" precede ohers. Although there was an impression that does not emit CO2, it is thought that the number of votes thrown into "Clean energy" of perfect impressions.

Do you agree that your country should have nuclear power plants?



The yeas and nays were equally divided, and many answers that seem to be compromised were seen on the agreement side. The main reasons for the agreement are
(1) Paying attention to the advantage of nuclear power generation,
(2) Cannot help using nuclear power (mainly compared with thermal power generation),
(3) With condition for safety,
I felt like I could divide most ideas roughly into. It was surprised that Fukushima has little more percentage of agreement because Fukushima had received the benefits of nuclear power plant before the accident and looked at the reality of nuclear power plant nearby, we thought. Because it is asked by the national administration that there are so many different opinions, we thought that it is important to get the correct knowledge, have your own opinion, and insist it.

What do you think about Tokyo having relied on some electricity generated by the Fukushima nuclear power plants?



・Written nothing

・Feeling sorry

・It is strange

・I wonder forcing responsibility on Fukushima


・It is unreasonable

・It is strange that damage caused by a rumor is left and we are seen with prejudice by people in Tokyo

・I want people not to hate Fukushima rashly. I hope to judge after knowing the original condition

・I wanted people to assume that some accident would happen

・It is wonderful to provide electricity crossing areas

・I cannot say it’s evil because we just have to do that

・I don’t have complaints because of compensation


In Tokyo, we could feel conflict between feeling sorry and the fact that we couldn’t generate electricity in Tokyo. However, on the other hand, it was a shock that there were no answers or people who didn’t think anything a lot. Also, compared with the answer of Q2, we found that the rate of non-response of people who agreed with the use of nuclear energy in their country at Q2 was higher than that disagreed. This is grasped as the result of the lack of interest and consciousness of the task, superficial thought, which is an important issue.

In Fukushima, there were many voices which were sorry that damage caused by a rumor and prejudice had remained. Like we had the opinion " I hope to judge after knowing the original condition", we think that it is one issue that there is not enough interest to know the real situation, besides that there are people who have prejudice.

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