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Subjective Working

4.Subjective working

Evacuation training was held at our high school some days after Fukushima Learning Tour. Those who went to Fukushima evacuate rapidly, but almost student walked over chat. The scene was that everyone seemed to die as it was. As a proverb, “Seeing believes”there were things we do not know unless we experience in Fukushima.

Many people are not interested in disaster prevention, but nevertheless not knowing when it will happen.
Reference:Result【Question about EarthquakeQ2】

Not [because it was training], to be lazy, but [because of training] we should train seriously.
Some people might say[It is no use to train for evacuation.]However we cannot evacuate without training. In other words, we are not able to save our lives.
We think subjectivity preparation usual leads subjectivity saving a pinch. If you take evacuation life, you can work for making exchanges and autonomy from yourself.

reference:Solutions to the difficulties that refugees face

It is important to have a will, not“Someone work for good.”, but“I am going to work for good”.

Let’s work for reconstruction, finding solutions you can with us.

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