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Thinking prevention of people

3.1. thinking disaster prevention of people

As can understand from the questionnaire result, it can be not said that intention to disaster prevention is high yet.
Result of Questionnare→〜Actions〜「Questionnare」

There is no telling when a large disaster happens.

It is important to prepare for disaster usual in order to reduce damage of disaster. Additionally, Sometimes, daily conversation such as discuss with your family and participating local disaster training, lead to disaster prevention.

We think “Disaster prevention” means not only protecting buildings and plants but also protecting our lives and not hurting from this research.

For that, disaster prevention of people is important in addition disaster prevention of stuffs. In other words, no matter how hazard maps are maintained, it is no use without communication or local community to use them. It is necessary to think soft measure to take advantage of hard measure.

reference:Solutions to the difficulties that refugees face (Communication and self-government)

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