What we can do

For reconstruction

What we want to convey by thinking solving problems with the theme of “thinking of future disaster prevention from Fukushima”is that

there is no telling when natural disasters happen, so it is important to prepare for disasters from now to decrease damage due to the disasters.

We are glad that this research helps you thinking about disaster prevention in the viewpoint of happening disaster to myself.

Here, disaster prevention measures we search and things we would like to tell you based on experience we went to Fukushima.

1. Working for reconstruction

7 and half years passed since East Japan Great earthquake disaster.
How many people who know current Fukushima?

There are a lot of people who cannot go back home even now seven years have passed because of disasters such as Kumamoto earthquake, South of Japan heavy rain and so on. Do you think “I have no matter with them.”?

Age is just passing and memory of East Japan Great earthquake disaster disappeared. Sometimes forgetting, but we cannot think this fact as other person’s affairs.。

Especially, evacuees who were caused by nuclear power plant accident were robbed home because of nuclear energy we usually use. For that, we cannot be in different about disaster area now.

Shall we understand current disaster area at first?

A reference:Visited Fukushima

Many people have various images to Fukushima, for example, [Radiations are flying around.], and [Almost people are depressed.].In addition, people living in Fukushima said “Harmful rumor does not disappear even now.” when we visit Fukushima.

In fact, radiation dose of Fukushima except area near the nuclear power plants does not differ comparing to Tokyo. Nevertheless, some people feel dangerous to food from Fukushima. That is manifest of being indifferent to current disaster a real.
Many people worry about victims, but interest to disaster is diminishing as time goes by. We hope many people will work for reconstruction.
We hope many people will work for reconstruction.

Working for reconstruction is not only going to the site but also
“To be interested in the current situation of disasters area.”
“To know that.”
“To tell that.”

Buying things from Fukushima and eliminating prejudice also help reconstruction.

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