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Tell your opinion

2. Having your will and Telling that

How do you think the fact of nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima?

[I am against nuclear energy.]
[Even so to say energy cannot be supplied without a nuclear power plant.]
[I am sorry for local people, but it was good that we are safe.]
[I worry about disaster area even now.]

There are various opinions each other.

a reference:「Questionnare」【Question about nuclear energy Q3】

In fact, some people say the nuclear power plant accident was a human disaster. A human disaster is a disaster which was caused by human beings. In other words, the accident did not have to happen because nuclear power plant was built by human beings.
When we visited Fukushima, teacher as a navigator said “All of us generation have a responsibility of nuclear power plant accident. "People who agreed with nuclear power plant accidents, those who support the policy of Japan that supports nuclear power plants, and those who did not have interest of the policy have also its responsibility. Of course, it is no good to oppose nuclear power plants. However using nuclear power plants is that we have to have responsibility.

We will have responsibility of society of future.

If nuclear power plants accident occurs in the future, all of us generation have to take the responsibility.
We should convey our will through voting and so on, considering our responsibility and what we want to leave to the next generation.

The first thing you cannot do is to be indifferent.

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