About the nuclear power plant accident

Mecanism of nuclear power plant

On the previous page, what happened with the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima in 2011 was explained.
On this page, let's see mecanism of nuclear power plant.

〜Let's look in a nuclear reacter!〜

≪How a nuclear reacter works≫

※All of the pictures are image.

@Large unstable atoms, usually from uranium 235, are bombarded with neutrons.

Uranium atoms give off a large amount of heat when they split and that heat is used to generate electricity.

AThe atomic nucleus is broken apart.

BThe nucleus is split into smaller neutrons, which emit radiation that can have a harmful effect.

※ More information about the harmful effects of radiation is given on the next page.
Nuclear fission releases huge amounts of energy that can be used to generate electricity.

・・・The neutrons produced in B collide with other uranium-235 atoms, continuing the reactions of @~B.

There are both pros and cons with nuclear power, and people have a variety of opinions about the construction of such plants. Here are some of the pros and cons.

≪Pros and cons of nuclear power≫

【In Fukushima…】
In Fukushima, people are now promoting the use of alternative energy sources because they now understand the risks of nuclear power. In fact, we saw a lot of solar power systems when we visited Fukushima.
↑solar panels spread all over the land.

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