Present Fukushima

Fukushima Study Camp 2017

1st day

【Story of a woman joined in shelter management】

After having dinner at Fukushima Gender Equality Centre, we asked a story of a woman who was a staff at the Center : the first “human”. At the shelter of Big Palette Fukushima at the time of the earthquake, she caught voices from women such as "I’m troubled in changing clothes location", "I have fear of unknown men", set up a women's private space at the shelter, and run it.

Reference:Problems and solutions of lives at shelters

【Solution for women at shelters】
Creating a space for women

I found it important to think of the idea sticking flyers on the walls of private room in female toilet to convey information to only women and notice the position of women which naturally get weaker and weaker. We heard that the refugees secure a spot in arrival order then in the shelter, but I felt the need for improvement in that system. It is enough to suppose that disasters will occur and refugees arise. At that time, it is necessary to run a shelter where is as easy as anyone can live there being made up of this lessons.

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