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Fukushima Study Camp 2017

2nd day

【Learn about nuclear power plant】

In the morning, we visited Fukushima Environment Creation Center "Comyutan Fukushima"(Japanese pages) ,and learned about damage of the East Japan Great Earthquake by experiencing exhibitions, explanations, and the large screen theater with a spherical surface of 360°, especially the situation at the time of the nuclear accident and that of decontamination (work to shave off soil containing radioactive substance) as of 2017 and deepened our understanding. We learned the dangers of radioactive rays and the fact that about 50,000 evacuees still existed, we fully felt scale of the damage of nuclear accident.

↑A model of nuclear power plant taken at Comyutan Fukushima
【Learn about ~Reconstruction of the mind~】

At a soba noodles restaurant as a lunch place, we asked the president of the Kawauchi VillageWomen's Association about the theme of reconstruction of the town.
We realized the importance of young people’s returning to the village and doing activities, from a point of view that it’s necessary to doing community as one and schools need to be a forerunner of reconstruction. The word "Reconstruction of the mind" that she repeated was impressive. I strongly felt that not only the physical reconstruction such as decontamination and buildings construction, but also the environment where people in the town can live with a smile in peace.

【Listen to Tokyo Electric Power COmpany holding's story】

Later, at the TEPCO former Energy Hall in Tomioka Town, we exchanged opinions with female employees centering on questions and answers. We were able to hear the situation that they could not act according to the manual, the real situation towards breaking furnace, and a sense of responsibility and emotion as an employee.

【Female doctor's story】

I was strongly shocked from the female doctor’s story after dinner, about the risk of the physical and mental burden of the patient when they evacuate hospitals. I heard that there were elderly people who feel stressful to the change of the environment around them forcing evacuation and learned that evacuation does not necessarily produce good results.

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